About Me

Hello there, I am Noah Boutros. I study biology and I simply adore the animal world. At the same time, I am deeply interested in rural living. I tied these two affections into one and that was the reason I came up with my solo blog, apfisn.net.

My Mission

At apfisn.net, my mission is to inspire, educate, and engage readers who share my love for biology and rural living.

Whether you’re a beginner in exploring the wonders of the animal kingdom or a seasoned expert in rural lifestyles, my content is carefully crafted to fuel your passion and provide valuable insights.

From in-depth articles on animal behavior to practical tips on rural living, I strive to cover every aspect of these fascinating worlds.

In my editorial policy, you will find the details about how I run my blog.

Join Our Adventure

At apfisn.net, I am not just a blogger; I am part of a community that shares a deep love for biology and rural living. Y

our feedback, stories, and passion help shape the content and the journey. Join me as we explore the wonders of the animal world and the joys of rural living together.