The Asia-Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network (APFISN) has been established as a response to the immense costs and dangers posed by invasive species to the sustainable management of forests in the Asia-Pacific region.

APFISN is a cooperative alliance of the 34 member countries in the Asia- Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) - a statutory body of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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What do these species have in common?
They've all invasive species, causing harm to their new environment and negatively impacting native wildlife 🐛🌿🐞

CABI's Invasive Species Compendium has a wealth of information covering invasive plants and pests

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Introducing Forest Invasive Species Dgroup

A Forest Invasive Species DGroup has been created to facilitate communication on these issues globally, allowing participants to subscribe and share their experiences, questions and activities within a network of experts. As a discussion platform, the Forest Invasive Species DGroup enables easy interaction across country and regional boundaries and between researchers, practitioners, administrators and others working with or interested in forest pests and their management.

To join the FIS Dgroup and contribute to discussions, please click here!

APFISN also has a sub-community Dgroup for more focussed discussions on regional issues. 

To join the APFISN Dgroup please click here!

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