Forest Invasive Species Discussion Group

APFISN as a sub-community is now part of a larger Forest Invasive Species network platform for discussion and sharing of issues related to forest invasive species and pest management.

The objectives of this Forest Invasive Species dgroup are to:

• Bring together all parties interested in forest Invasive species globally, regionally and nationally

• Provide a platform to promote collaboration among experts

• Share information and solutions to combat FIS at local / national / regional scale

As a discussion platform, the FIS Dgroup is expected to enable easy interaction across country and regional boundaries and between researchers, practitioners, administrators and others working with or interested in forest pests and their management.

Every member can start a discussion sending a message to Note that comments will be moderated before sharing them with the community, so it may take some time to see them in your mailbox. Please feel free to share the link of this platform with people that may be interested in Forest Health and willing to actively contribute to this discussion group!