A modelling tool to rapidly predict weed spread risk

A new statistical modelling tool will enable land management authorities to predict where invasive weed species are most likely to grow so they can find and eliminate plants before they have time to spread widely.
In the study, published in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution, the researchers developed the tool that uses information about the features of a weed species and the geography of the area in which it has been reported to predict specific locations where the weed is likely to spread to first.

The paper is open access and it and additional information and files are available at:


The tools are available here:

Geoprocessing: https://jens-g-froese.shinyapps.io/riskmapr_geoprocessing/

Suitability model: https://jens-g-froese.shinyapps.io/riskmapr_suitability/

Susceptibility model: https://jens-g-froese.shinyapps.io/riskmapr_susceptibility/