International Forestry Quarantine Research Group 2022 Virtual Symposium

The 19th meeting of the International Forestry Quarantine Research Group (IFQRG) will be held as a virtual symposium on four consecutive Fridays starting September 2, 2022 (skipping Sept 23 because of a conflict with the first International Plant Health Conference). Each day there will be four to six ~15 minute presentations. A five-minute question period will follow each presentation. Each day will close with a discussion session on the day’s topics for approximately one hour.

The symposium will include the following topics:

Molecular tools – detection, diagnostics and enhancing international collaboration

Pest moving on forest products & the risks associated with forest pest establishment in novel environments – incursion versus establishment

Phytosanitary treatments
Surveillance tools for forest pests – development of new lures and new technology Development of guidance for ISPMs related to forestry

The Symposium will be hosted on the Zoom platform by coordinator Kelli Hoover, Penn State University, USA.

See here for more information (second announcement)

To register, please email IFQRG Secretary Meghan Noseworthy: