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APFISN Workshop on Forest Health Technology and Phytosanitary Standards Beijing, 6, 8, 10 and 11 November 2011:- Presentations

Do Not Harm Invasive Species That Pollinate, Study Warns
Pesky Ants Found in Hawaii Demonstrate Invasive Characteristics
Salt Gradient Limits the Invasive Comb Jelly
Great Lakes Fish Feed On Invading Shrimp
Coasts' Best Protection from Bioinvaders Falling Short: Not Enough Ships Able to Flush out

Invasive Species Before They Reach Port

Invasive false brome grass is spreading, but Oregon's insects are biting
Alien rats take on prey's role

Canada geese, an invasive species soon to be culled
Invasive species research crucial to Great Lakes’ health
Rare Invasive Piranha Caught In Texas
Hawaii invasive species spending cuts have effect
On the trail
Charlie Houder: A different invasive species
Event aims to change minds about consumption of invasive species
Exotic pets turn invasive, threatening Florida

Economics study shows risk assessment of potentially invasive animal species pays off
Waging war on invasive plant species: Effects of invasives persist even after removal
Rat Island: Can Lost Ecosystems Be Restored?
The real cost of invasive species
Warming Climate Could Give Exotic Grasses Edge Over Natives
GV GARDENERS: Monsoon season encourages invasive weeds
Helicopters help fight invasive plant species around Macatawa River
'Apocalyptic' contagion and invasive species

Poisonous plants invade island
Yorkshire horse chestnuts threatened by alien moth
Nile Monitor Lizards: Invasive Species in Florida Threatens Native Species (Via Herp Digest)
Border collie sniffs out noxious weeds on Missoula mountainside
Top scientists rally together in fight against invasive species
Beetles Play an Important Role in Reducing Weeds
Invasive plant chokes Pearl River
Teen inventor combats kudzu menace

Fairburn Ings staff battle Himalayan balsam 'invasion'
Flood Fears: Ferocious Alien Fish Will Spread into New Areas
Great Lakes invasive species council proposed
Group tracks invasive species on island
Highly invasive horse-chestnut leaf miner found living in the Balkans by 1879
In a Globalized World, Are Invasive Species a Thing of the Past?
Non-invasive dengue test could improve early detection
On the invasive turtle hunt in Norfolk
Botanic gardens play role in invasive species spread
Rumbles in the jungle
Mediterranean Sea invaded by hundreds of alien species
Biocontrol: fungus and wasps released to control Emerald Ash Borer
Iraq, Syria wheat, cotton threatened by invasive weed, FAO Says
Ohio's plants and insects adapting to climate change in unexpected ways
Invasive species imports flagged
Invasive weeds becoming a concern in the northwest    
Are invasive plants a threat to native biodiversity? It depends on the spatial scale
Ship container 'stepping stone' risk for alien invaders
Invasive mussels causing massive ecological changes in Great Lakes
Ecologists find genomic clues to invasive and endangered plants
Researchers seeking ways to squash invasive species
Invasive seaweed poses threat to coral colonies in Gulf of Mannar
A Friend to Aliens: Are Invasive Species Really a Big Threat


DNRE Looking To Control Invasive Mute Swan Population 

Home and Away: How Do Invasive Plant Species Dominate Native Species?

Belfast scientists to tackle giant hogweed menace

Invasive Plants Can Create Positive Ecological Change

Invasive pest danger closer than you think 

Invasive species have a 'delayed legacy', says report
Can DNA reveal invasive aliens?

Cost Effectiveness of Ecological Restoration Demonstrated     
Invasive Biofuel Crops an Overlooked Danger
Mice join fight against invasive snakes on Guam
Foreign plants, animals conquering native species

Invisible Invasive Species Threaten Ecosystems

New Red Imported Fire Ant Enemies in Place for Fight

Combined power of the wasp and midge set to oust invasive weed

Michigan Tech Research Institute Maps Spread of Invasive Reed in Great Lakes Basin

Study Validates Use of Environmental DNA to Detect Invasive Asian Carp 

Beetles Offer Effective Weed Control, but Native Vegetation Hard to Re-Establish 

Urgent call on EU to stop billion-euro 'alien invasion'

Burning Invasive Juniper Trees Boosts Perennial Grass Recovery  

Risk of beetle outbreaks rise, along with temperature, in the warming West 

Hydrilla horrors: Invasive plant causes bird deaths at lake

Across Delaware, invading bugs raise a real stink

Rash on Alameda beachgoers blamed on invading snail

Warning issued after chipmunks sighted